Safe The Humanity Brings Goodwill to the Binance Smart Chain

4 min readJun 19, 2021

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) users gained access to another platform this month as Safe The Humanity is officially live. The network provides some unique features and services that make it ideal for new users and DeFi investors. Safe the Humanity is a charitable project that seeks to expand blockchain adoption while at the same time helping to further good causes across the globe.

It’s All About Giving Back

Safe the Humanity originates from its focus on helping the less fortunate and people in need. The network integrates a charitable fee on all network transactions. In this way, every token sent helps to bring a charitable organization closer to its goals. Specifically, 1% of all transaction fees get sent directly to a donation fund wallet.

These organizations are not some randomly selected no-name charities. Network participants put forth their favorite charities for a vote by the community. Those groups that get voted in can look forward to a monthly donation from the platform. In this way, regular STH holders are the ones who get to make this decision via the community governance mechanism.

Safe the Humanity introduces a more streamlined approach to making donations to charitable causes. The network provides users with full transparency throughout the entire donation cycle. Users can track the funds as they accumulate and see when they are donated to the organization. Everything is trackable in real-time using any BSC block explorer.

Normal donation services take a large cut from the donations to fund their operations. In the end, this can leave both donors and charitable organizations suffering. In some instances, the cost of funding a charity drive can gobble up 60% of the donated funds. Thankfully, Safe the Humanity automates the entire process.

No human intervention is needed aside from the community deciding what group is deserving of this month’s blessings. There is no chance of fraud or human error thanks to the use of advanced smart contracts. The entire process completes in an autonomous manner which further keeps the overhead for the charitable aspect of the project low.

Users are Rewarded

Aside from all the good karma that Safe the Humanity users enjoy, there are some financial benefits that make the platform a smart move. Notably, 1% of all transaction fees are redistributed back to the Safe the Humanity community via the rewards program. What makes this program so unique is that users don’t have to do anything special to receive these rewards. There is no need to lock your tokens up in staking or farming pools.

These rewards are automatically distributed to users via smart contracts. They arrive in your wallet directly and can be instantly withdrawn or traded for other tokens on popular DEXs such as PancakeSwap. This strategy provides a more fair and balanced rewards system for users. It also eliminates any confusion surrounding the staaking process.

DEX in the Works

Soon, Safe the Humanity users will be able to trade their tokens directly from the platform utilizing the Humanity DEX. This feature will enable anyone to effortlessly swap BEP-20 tokens with others in a secure and efficient manner. The DEX is non-custodial, so your coins remain safely in your wallet until they are traded.

Non-custodial DEXs are more secure than centralized exchanges for many reasons. For one, they don’t hold your crypto so there isn’t a large wallet to entice hackers to focus their attention on the platform. Additionally, you avoid any delays or confiscations. Centralized exchanges are known to lock your account during times of uncertainty like hacks or other moments of confusion.

Sadly, whenever you lose access to your crypto, there is no guarantee that you will get it back. Crypto history is littered with stories of exchanges getting hacked and users losing their funds forever. The Humanity DEX was developed with those concerns in mind. As such, the DEX is optimized to keep you safe.

Community Expansion

Safe The Humanity is on a mission to assist humanity on a global scale. To accomplish this task, the platform has set up a community fund. This smart contract holds 1% of all transaction fees. These fees are reserved for new projects, platforms, and community initiatives surrounding the platform. Notably, when users vote for changes via the community governance mechanism, the community funds are automatically approved with the proposal.

This strategy is common in the blockchain sector. Decentralized governance mechanisms help to ensure that a project continues operating with pure intentions. The more STH tokens a user holds and the more weight their vote will have. This strategy ensures that only those who are vested in the network get to steer the development.

Liquidity Pools

The protocol also sets aside 1% for boosting the liquidity pools for the project. This strategy helps incentivize others to join the pools. As more people join the pool the higher the value of the LP token. This strategy adds another layer of incentives for users to participate in the network. Best of all, investing in liquidity pools provides more consistent ROIs compared to trading. Consequently, new users often prefer liquidity pools over learning the market with the goal to trade.

A More Affordable Alternative

Safe the Humanity can provide services to users via fast and secure transactions at a fraction of the cost of Ethereum-based platforms. The Binance Smart Chain is one of the most advanced DeFi networks in the market at this time. The network eliminates the high gas fees suffered by Ethereum users. You can send value globally in seconds using this platform. Additionally, since it’s a fourth-generation blockchain, it supports all of the newest features.

Investors Gain Good Karma and Rewards

Safe the Humanity provides users with a chance to help out their favorite charities and earn rewards. The network’s reward system is simple and requires no technical experience to participate in. Anyone who holds STH tokens can look forward to these rewards on a regular basis. Plus, the community governance system ensures that your voice is heard. For these reasons, you can expect Safe the Humanity to gain in popularity in the coming weeks.

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