Safe the Humanity Rewards All Token Holders via a Unique Rewards System

4 min readJun 20, 2021


The developers behind the Safe the Humanity project have gathered together a variety of top features to entice new users. One of the biggest draws of this network is its unique rewards system. Rather than making its users go through the hassle of locking up their cryptocurrency in staking contracts, the network forgoes this formality and instead, directly issues rewards to user’s wallets.

These rewards are built directly into the fee structure of the platform. Every transaction carries a 4% fee when using Safe the Humanity. This fee is then broken down into smaller percentages and redistributed to the network’s various functionalities. One percent of these fees are directly redistributed to all token holders as rewards. This strategy simplifies the rewards process for users and enables anyone to secure a passive income using the network.

This approach is better than staking for many reasons. For one, there is no need to learn the technical aspects of staking in a pool. These requirements may seem easy for experienced DeFi investors but for new users they can be frustrating. These technical barriers have long caused new users to stress out. Safe the Humanity users skip the headache and start earning rewards from day one.

A Better Crypto

The goal behind the Safe the Humanity project is to create a better decentralized currency with a focus on charity. The project’s governance token, STH, is a BEP-20 token that can be traded on any BSC-compatible DEX, such as PancakeSwap. BEP-20 is the token standard of the Binance Smart Chain. You can think of it as Binance’s version of the ERC-20 token protocol made famous by Ethereum. Unlike ERC-20 tokens, BEP-20 tokens are much cheaper to send and provide users with near-instant transactions.

The network fees are also lower for BEP-20 tokens. Since the Binance Smart Chain is a Proof-of-Stake network, it provides more scalability than Ethereum. The network can process thousands of transactions a second and there are fewer fees to contend with. Additionally, the Binance Smart Chain supports new DeFi features such as staking, farming, P2P lending, and liquidity pools.

Save the World

Another awesome feature that makes Safe the Humanity a smart choice is its charitable aspects. The network incorporates a 1% fee that goes towards charitable organizations. This strategy provides an entirely new reason to conduct transactions on the network. These charities receive these funds automatically.

The integration of advanced smart contracts ensures there are never delays, fraud, or human errors in the process. Users can monitor the community charity chest to see the funds grow. They can also monitor these payments in real-time via any BSC blockchain explorer. Compared to traditional donation mechanisms, this system provides more efficiency and security.

All token holders can put forth potential charities to become part of the network. These charities are introduced via community proposals. The community votes on these proposals. To vote, you need to hold STH tokens. The more tokens you hold in your network wallet and the more weight your vote will hold. If the charity is voted in by the community, they are automatically selected for next month’s payout.

This strategy adds another layer of value to the project that can’t be ignored. Early cryptocurrencies were based on providing people a better way to conduct business. However, they lacked a philanthropic aspect. Adding this strategy to a network is crucial. Imagine how different the Bitcoin energy debate would be today if the coin had also donated billions to charitable causes.

It Starts with the Fee Structure

Safe the Humanity relies on a proprietary fee structure to provide all of its features to users and the community. The platform charges a flat 4% fee on all transactions. This fee is split up between charities, rewards, liquidity pools, and developers. Compared to other charitable-based DeFi networks, this fee rate is much lower.

DEX on the Way

In the coming weeks, Safe the Humanity will launch a proprietary DEX. This decentralized exchange will provide users with an easy way to trade, buy, and sell assets. The DEX will focus on BEP-20 tokens and other Binance Smart Chain assets. As of late, DEXs have become a hot topic in the cryptomarket. These exchanges provide lower fees and less censorship than centralized exchanges.


Safe the Humanity has a lot of exciting developments listed in its roadmap. The platform has already achieved multiple milestones. The STH token was listed on CMC/CG which has helped drive demand for the token higher. In Q3 the platform will undergo an advanced third-party audit to ensure all smart contracts are secure. Around the same time, the staking pools and charity voting program will go live. The HumanityDEX is slated for release following the launch of the charity pool.


As part of their strategy, the developers have decided to incorporate a lottery. Users can buy lottery tickets using STH tokens. The winners are broadcast on the blockchain. Best of all, the system automates the entire process so winnings are completely transparent.

Safe the Humanity — A New Approach

You have to hand it to the developers for their ingenuity on the project. It’s nice to see crypto projects that seek to better the lives of everyone around the world. Safe the Humanity is sure to provide a new avenue of charitable donations for all groups that make the community’s cut. If successful, the platform would be a pioneer in the blockchain charity sector. In turn, this could usher in an era of copycats. In the end, the charities and users win out.

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