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Welcome to SafeTheHumanity


We are thrilled to come forward in the attempt to get everyone involved in a project that cares about the humanity and all the living. So that, we can disrupt from the old DeFI- system that is being created everyday and ends up by scamming every single users whether on slow-rugs or quick rugs. SafeTheHumanity is here to stay.

Why SafeTheHumanity ?

SafeTheHumanity project is a next-generation, community-oriented static rewards & automatic liquidity protocol based on Binance Smart Chain with a unique focus on charity donations using governance voting.

How does it work ?

First, SafeTheHumanity is a global defi project endeavored to provide help on global scale through donations. The smart contract applies a 2% fee on all transactions to auto refill the liquidity pool and reward token holders. With our unique token model, you don’t need to stake or provide liquidity to earn in SafeTheHumanity. Every holder will benefit. Secondly, in Furthering our assumption of making this world a better place filled with peace and equality, a 1% fee will be taken on all transactions to be donated to the agreed upon and voted charitable organization by the community. SafeTheHumanity protocol is safe and autonomous. Finally, an additional 1% fee will be taken on each transaction for the foundation, maintenance and promotion of the project.

Why SafeTheHumanity is different ?

These funds can be donated to any charity as per voting. We think our strong points are our transparency, strong work ethic and commitment to donate to charities as often as possible. SafeTheHumanity’s continuing initiative to help charities across the globe. Imagine what we could achieve in years to come.
As a decentralized financial entity, it’s operations are run by a network of users making it very secure. The transactions are confirmed and recorded on the blockchain and not by third parties. The SafeTheHumanity team is dedicated to delivering the best results. Let us build a charitable and equal future for everyone together!

Go through SafeTheHumanity’s Faq for more understanding :

➖ Name : STH
➖ Chain: BSC
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The time has come to change the world.




SafetheHumanity — Auto-generating liquidity protocol / Static farming by holding and Contribute for the betterment of humanity.