SafeTheHumanity: Strategic & Massive advertising plans

3 min readJun 14, 2021
SafetheHumanity advertising

Safethehumanity project is community driven with the unique focus on charity donation by the means of blockchain technology and governance. Users are entreated to donate into charities while holding or trading SafetheHumaity (STH) tokens. Through our governance program, community will be able to vote for the charity that would receive the donation fund.

SafetheHumanity team is aware of the challenges underway to sustain the project and conduct the plans professionally to realism. Hereby, we’r ensuring our community on the project’s ideals for impacting the humanity by dragging the targeted audience into the project. (charity investors).

SafetheHumanity’ Strategic advertising plans

Safethehumanity project has been on development over 5 months before coming into public awareness. The team is committed to achieving all framed lines about the project. Thus, many tools have been in use. Considering, the core team expertise in marketing, leading, managing and developing project so far over 4 years. More, we collaborated with other experienced marketing-oriented program-agency to bring the project to large-targeted-audience.
We are reserved on divulgating our partners list since those will be very noticeable by our holder’s community in short time afterward sales and the full launch of SafeTheHumanity ecosystem. SafeTheHumanity protocol is already available on major news media for anyone to read more about us.

SafeTheHumanity’s Massive advertising plans

Understandably, we are in competitive market and our unique token model is our pledge to make the project very successful. The project caught the interest of most of influencers and Youtubers. The draw list is very significant for the fact that our project has all required to be desired. However, we accepted to work with reliable influencers. Many of them is at work to help the project reach potential investors.
Besides, our brand mark is delighted and received appraisal by crypto users and mere worldwide’s civilians and activities to support the project. No longer should we await to start with our massive advertising plans. It has concretised and enhanced. Sooner our community will appreciate our work. Our community support on social networks is also important to make impact for massive reach.

Here is list of the support we received from prominent and professional promoters on Twitter and Youtube for STH token’ sale. This is the beginning and we are convinced that, more are coming along the process to help to stand our vision. We believe that, continuously their support to spread the project to their audience is required to achieve our goals.

Lookout on more support from our partners!

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SafetheHumanity — Auto-generating liquidity protocol / Static farming by holding and Contribute for the betterment of humanity.