SafeTheHumanity: Strategic & Massive advertising plans. UPDATE

1 min readJun 20, 2021


SafeTheHumanity: Strategic & Massive advertising plans | by SafeTheHumanity | Jun, 2021 | Medium

The Strategic and Massive advertising plans are updating as long as our partners and ads supports are being upgraded following a strict rule of trending SafeTheHumanity on their platforms untill it get recognition on large scale.

Our core goal going into the vision of SafetheHumanity is to create a fair hype around media news in order to have a diversified holder community from each part of the earth. Hence, the global marketing has started and is not expected to end thanks to STH’s token Function and Tekenomics.

It has started and we had like give a full details on our approaches. Here comes the 3rd wave of propulsive’s marketing enhanced by our hard working-marketing team: SafetheHumanity Massive-Marketing’s wave 3

Hereafter are all massive marketing reach carried out by our marketing team before the start of STH tokens’ private sale:
SafetheHumanity Massive Marketing’s wave1 | Marketing’s wave 2
Strategic Marketing Yahoo Pr
Strategic Marketing Crypto Pr

SafeThehumanity is endeavoured to operate at gobal level, hereby our development plan is structured considering global partners and far reaching advertising. Therefore, our community might track our achievements and appreciate since they are entreated to advice and conduct the governance.

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